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SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY (work in progress). In 1960 West Palm Beach, a Driver's Ed teacher who shoots bloody highway accidents for Driver's Ed training films gets framed for a murder he didn't commit. A rock-a-billy, noir mystery.

DRIFTWOOD BEACH HOTEL (work in progress). After Pearl Harbor was attacked, South Beach in Miami became the training ground for 85,000 Army Air Corps flyers almost overnight. They stayed in the beachfront hotels and hundreds of prostitutes from all over the country flocked there to entertain. A wartime novel of serial murders, set to the tune of Big Band music.

THE DEMAREST KILL (completion, Winter, 2008). Set in upstate New York, an investigator for the District Attorney's Office becomes implicated in the murder of his high school sweetheart he broke up with thirty years earlier.

ensueño (2006). Set in Palm Beach in the 1930s and 1980s, ensueño is about the murder of a great Florida mystery writer and the legacy he has left for his son.

CONCHTOWN (from screenplay) (1995). Based on a true story from the Florida Writer's Project of the Depression years, and set in Riviera Beach (Conchtown).

GOODTIME CHARLIE’S GOT THE BLUES (1982). When a down-and-out, Country and Western disc jockey loses $2,000 in a gambling debt, he must find the money to avoid being killed, while trying to win back the heart of his ex-wife. The screenplay based on this novel won Florida's first "Florida Governor's Screenwriting Competition" in 1985.

THE SHOOTER (1976). A television news cinematographer begins to investigate organized crime in Palm Beach County and is implicated in the death of a woman killed during the making of a snuff film shot with his camera.

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